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Uriah Heep

June 10 Sun 2012, 11:31 AM


" href="inc/profil/video/video.cfm?id2=15432&iframe=true&width=660&height=420" class="prettyPhotoAvecComments" VIDEO_ID="15432">L.A. COBRA - Stray Cat (Official)

May 14 Tue 2013, 12:09 PM

“Stray Cat” is from the latest L.A. Cobra Album "How much snake can you take??" It is one of 3 music videos, which then forms a trilogy. The last video is coming soon. The synopsis: Our heroes are fighting the luscious devil (Michelle Van Der Nest) in an attempt to win back their souls, after selling it in the first video “Back Roads” Starring: Don Cobra, The Animal, John Strong, Jamie Gunz, Michelle Van Der Nest, Michelle de Faria Marques. Michael Van Heerden, Directed by Brendan Campbell.!/LA_COBRA_ROXX