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Location: MELBOURNE, Australia
Date of birth:March 30, 1950



Tall, Handsome, Modest ... nah - just kidding. I play guitar and sing.

You know, the great thing about taking a 37 year break from the music industry is that you still feel that:

Anything is possible.
Everything is new and exciting.
Nobody played anything like that before.
The Industry people all have your best interests at heart.

Yea - Right!
Ok, so you maybe I forgot just how hard it can be, and the Industry??? Don't get me started!!!

Either way, feels like it all there to do again!

Just so you know who I am exactly, I began playing in 1963 (first time we got paid that is!). In 1971 I took over the guitar chair from Robin Trower in Procol Harum. Left them and joined Long John Baldry. Left him and formed Bedlam with Cozy Powell. Many bands and sessions along the way.

Now I am doing my own stuff - for the first time. I have over 90 songs of various sorts and other 'stuff' such as Art and Writings.

These recordings here are all unfinished or just plain demos.


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