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TAZ, aka Johnny Zee (Stereo Nation)a British Born Asian raised in Warwickshire UK, established himself as a recording artist with the release of his debut album ‘Hit the Deck’.Managed by Pop Star Neville Staples from the band ‘The Specials’ & ‘FunBoy3’. He stormed the UK Asian pop charts for thirty-six weeks at number 1.The album went on to become one of the biggest selling Asian fusion releases of all time. Taz aka Johnny Zee received UK’s‘Best New Artist’for his album ‘Hit The Deck’ at theAsian Music Awardsyear 1989

Described asthe Pioneer Of Pop Fusion, The Prince Of Cross Over Musica lyricist, composer and producer, Taz quickly became the embodiment of cross-cultural music. He heralded a new era in which crossover music became the pursuit of many young British Asians. His music is best described as a hybrid of Traditional Asia fused with Western pop sensibility, infectious melodies and dynamic dance grooves. Some of Taz's influences are George Michael, Prince, Jam & Lewis, Babyface, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, R D Burman, Gurdas Maan, Kuldip Manak and Zapp!!! To name a few.

Taz is Asian rooted yet inspired by British/American ideologies; this eventually brought about a stronger experimental reggae influence into his music and the inevitable collaboration with DJ Kendell on the album‘Spirits of Rhythm’. He receieved‘Best International Artist’ & ‘Best Performer’– Award’ at theUK Bhangra Awards 1994

The success of ‘Spirits of Rhythm’ and his Album‘New Dawn’, the follow up, took him from strength to strength and helped mushroom a global fan base. It was at this point that Taz gave birth to the now hugely popular fusion pop group ‘Stereo Nation’, consequently signing toEMI Premier UK. The act went on to have their first British chart hit, ‘I've Been Waiting’ and subsequently became an instant number one smash hit throughout Asia, as well achieving‘Top Ten’video on the UK music channel,‘The Box’. Having achieved worldwide notoriety with theMulti Platinum Album ‘I've Been Waiting’, the success story continues!

Taz went onto tour Europe with a ten-piece band throughout 1998 in order to satisfy the rapidly growing international fan base as well as the Far East, Indian sub-continent, UAE, Australia, Africa, South East Asia, USA and Canada.

Having firmly established himself in Indian Sub Continent, Taz went onto sign a recording deal with ‘Times Music India’, which resulted in the worldwide release of the album“Jambo”.The long awaited album was an instant hit with fans worldwide which proved his sustaining power to deliver hits.(Oh Carol)

The latter half of 1999 saw Taz release his first solo album entitled‘Nasha’(Intoxicated) in the UK, causing a major storm on dance floors across Europe and the USA. To date the album has already gone gold…

The new Millennium sees Taz with his band ‘Stereo Nation’, starting to delve into new musical territory, experimenting with R’n’B, Soul, Dance & Bollywood! Taz’s next album, entitled‘Slave II Fusion’ released in December 2000, achieved approx. 120,000 sales units in the U.K/U.S.A territories and3 Millionunits in India! Receiving ‘Best Selling Album Of year 2000at theUK Asian Music Awards’.

As a consequence to this success, Taz was approached by the internationally recognized Bollywood Film Industry to record and visualize a track for the film‘Tum Bin’ – ‘Thora Daroo Vich Pyar Miladeh’. The film went on to be one of the biggest successes in 2001, achieving Top Ten status in the U.K mainstream film cinemas, as well as being one of Bollywoods biggest films of the year. Since Tazs debut in Bollywood, he has been inundated with offers to further record sound tracks for the Indian Film Industry.

Further to his success in Bollywood Taz performed at theIndian Oscars (IIFA)in Sun City South Africa 2001, which was televised to an audience of approx. 3 Billion across the world. During his time at theIIFA awards, Taz was approached by the crème-de-le-crème of Bollywoods elite, to record / visualise in further Bollywood movies.


Due to popular demand Taz returned to the U.K to release his single‘Laila’into the mainstream charts. The single entered the British Charts at number 44. Taz also created history by being the first Asian Artist to visualise the accompanying video to ‘Laila’ by using CGI video technology.

More recently, Taz performed at theRoyal Albert Hallsupporting the Charity of Afghanistan, as well as playing live at theAnnual Gala for the Richest British Asian Awards at the Natural History Museum Londonin the presence ofHRH Prince Charles.

The follow up album to‘Slave II Fusion’entitled‘Taz-Mania’, has surpassed the phenomenal success that its predecessor achieved. As a consequence to his success, Taz’s achievements have been recognised by the Guild of British Asians by being presented the award of‘Best Music Act’ 2002, as well as being nominated in the same category at theCarlton Multicultural Media Awards2002 alongside Ms Dynamite.

2003 saw Taz record once again for the ‘Bollywood Film Industry’. Visualised by Bollywood Heart Throb‘Hritik Roshan’,the track‘It’s Magic’from the movie‘Koi Mil Gaya’, went on to become the track of the year winning numerous awards at the ‘Bollywood Oscars’ in Mumbai this year.

2004 saw Taz release his latest smash,‘Café Mumbai’. Recorded in London and Mumbai, the Album truly has worldwide appeal. Already‘Ministry of SoundUK’ has picked up one of the tracks,‘Ride with Me’, included in the compilation album ‘Urban Underground’. Having strongly established himself in‘Bollywood’.

Taz’s music has also been featured in a‘Hollywood’production. The track‘Mehbooba’featured in the Movie‘New York Minute’ featuring:Ashley & Mary Kate Olson.

Taz received the accolade‘BEST INTERNATIONAL ACT 2005’at the officialUK Asian Music Awardsheld at Le Palais Hammersmith, London in April 2005

In 2006 Taz featured in and recorded the title song to theBritish Cross Over Movie ‘SAMBER SALSA’ alongside RISHI KAPOOR with the super smash Hit song – ‘GULEH LAGJA’

TAZ performed for HRM Prince Charles Charity show at LORDS for the 20/20 Cricket for Rajastan Royals V Middlesex.

Taz – The Hits FACTORY!!!

Its 2008, and  the Pop Icon, Singer Songwriter Taz - Stereo Nation has Set The World On Fire Yet Again With His Recent Offering To His Fans !!!!!!!!!

JAWANI ' ON THE ROCKS ' March 2008

The album has goneMulti-platinum World Wide, selling like hotcake cakes.

Along with the busy Touring Schedule to promote the album, the Rock Star is also working on 5 Huge Bollywood Movies as we speak, recording the title lead songs for these films. The film titles will be released watch this space !!!!!!

With more hits to his name than hair on his head, the man has already set India on fire again with his recent offering - the lead track to the film'RACE' titled 'Mujpe Tho Jadoo',a collaboration with Music MaestroPritam Singh. The demand for the song has been crazy to say the least and a worldwide super smash with his fans.

Pop Icon, Singer Songwriter, Multi Platinum Selling Artist TAZ – STEREO NATION New Musical Masterpiece an Album Called – "TWIST & SHOUT? HAS ACHIEVED PLATINUM SALES WORLDWIDE -.A SUPER HIT.

Going from Strength to Strength TAZ's formula of always thinking out of the box has brought Stereo Nation great Success and Worldwide Notoriety. 'TWIST & SHOUT? has Influences ranging from 60's Motown / Blues to the modern era of Urban Street Sensibility. In fact in the album TAZ' has been granted permission from (SONY PUBLISHING - LA, USA) BERT & BILL MEDLEY , the writers of the old BEATLES CLASSIC TWIST & SHOUT TO DO A BOLLYWOOD STYLE REMAKE OF THE SONG. The original song (A CLASSIC) was done by a group named The Isley Brothers in 1962, but in 1963, The Beatles covered the song using John Lennon as vocalist. The Beatles' version was given the more enthusiastic reception but it was not the first.

'The album is very Contemporary in style and encompasses a very soulful rainbow of vocal styles, and once again will set yet another milestone in the bands history and repertoire. Diverse as always, TAZ sustains the formula Stereo Nation is famous for by way of continuing to write songs that have Evergreen sustainability, Multi-Lingual, Strong Melodies, Catchy Hooks & Lyrics that touch the hearts of everyday people. “URBAN, CLUB & DANCE FLOOR FILLERS, JAZZY WITH PLENTY OF KILLERS - THAT?S WHATS IN STORE FOR MY FANS !!!!!!!” Quote By TAZ Music Producers and Industry Executives believe that this will be an inspiring piece of work that Budding Producers, Musicians, and fans will Marvel and Admire for Years and Years to Come.

LATEST BOX OFFICE BLOCK BUSTER BRIT / HOLLYWOOD HIT FILM !!!!!! 'IT?S A WONDERFUL AFTER LIFE? TAZ has just had HUGE SUCCESS with 3 major songs featuring in Gurinder Chada's SUPER HIT Movie – It's A Wonderful Afterlife? Songs in the movie include the brand new single „DO THE NACH', 'CRAZEE' & 'LARL LARL BOLIYAN' ft. MUMZY remixed by Rishi Rich.



His First Bollywood Film as composer is 'DIARY OF A BUTTERFLY' 2 songs 'Boys To Hell With Boys' & 'Hor Pila De'which in the first week of release went straight into Nos 1 position in the Bollywood Charts, (Trade Magazine) TAZ also features in the movie. TAZ is signed up for another Bollywood Movie 'DIL DIYAN CHITIYAN' as Music Director.TAZ has been in-undated with offers for music direction and is signing a further 5 movies this year.

TAZ has also Music Directed a song for the Movie 'MR BHATTI ON CHOTTI' staring Anupam Kher & Mr Amitabh Bachchan. Taz is featured in the promotional song, and shakes a leg with legends on screen.
TAZ makes his acting debut in Bollywood, signing his first film 'BAND OF MAHARAJA'S' directed by Girish Malik, Clapstem Films. He has Music Directed one ITEM number in the film. (Going to floor in May/June 2012)

Watch Out for the biggest colaboration in the history of Indian Music 2012. Four Mega Stars of Indian Music - TAZ, DALER MEHNDI, MIKA SINGH, HANS RAJ HANS & NAVRAJ HANS all feature together on the ONE SONG. This is the lead promotional song of a movie called 'BAND OF MAHARAJA'S'.

Watch Out For STEREO NATION'S NEW ALBUM 'DESI & U KNOW IT' on Universal Records Releasing March 26th 2012. This album is set to raise the bar and turn up the heat on all dance floors around the world !!!!
'The album is very Contemporary in style and encompasses a very soulful rainbow of vocal styles, and once again will set yet another milestone in the bands history and repertoire. Diverse as always, TAZ sustains the formula Stereo Nation is famous for by way of continuing to write songs that have Evergreen sustainability, Multi-Lingual, Strong Melodies, Catchy Hooks & Lyrics that touch the hearts of everyday people. Music Producers and Industry Executives believe that this will be an inspiring piece of work that Budding Producers, Musicians, and fans will Marvel and Admire for Years and Years to Come.

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Discography-The Hits

1.Hoon Tha Meh Nachna Album Hit The Deck 1989

2. Peeni-an Vulethi   Album Hit The Deck 1989

3. Hogeyee Koree Kurab  Album Hit The Deck 1989

4. Cum Be My Lover EP Back To Rootz 1991

5. Van Farke Yaar Narl Nachle  EP Back To Rootz 1991

6. Mahyee Meriyaa  EP Back To Rootz 1991

7. Peche Churi Juwani Deh Album Spirits Of Rhythm 1994

8. Larl Larl Boliyan Album Spirits Of Rhythm 1994

9. Meh Vuleth Kanu Aagiya  Album Spirits Of Rhythm 1994

10. Bokchoo  Album Spirits Of Rhythm 1994

11. Ik Pyar Ka Nugma Album Spirits Of Rhythm 1994

12. Ishq Ishq Album New Dawn 1995

13. Bhangrech Aaja  Album New Dawn 1995

14. Humeh Thomseh Pyar  Album New Dawn 1995

15. I've Been Waiting (Larl Larl Boliyan) EMI Records 1996 UK TOP 40,Single & Album Multi Platinum Sales Worldwide With Songs Like: Akh Dabke, Ishq, Bokchoo & Meree-an

16. Cum Be My Lover Album 1997 Album Multi Platinum Sales Worldwide

17. Jambo - Album Multi Platinum Sales Worldwide 1998 Oh Carol

18. Nasha  - Album Apna Sangeet (Gwandiya) 1999

19. Slave To Fusion AKA 'Oh Laila' - 2000 Monster Worldwide Smash

(Biggest Album To Date)

20. Nachangeh Sari Raath

21. Galan Gooriyan

22. Pyar Hogiyaa

23. Oh Laila

24. Tazmania - Album 2001 Multi Platinum Sales Worldwide

25. Ishq

26. Peeni Peeni Sharab

27. Dilruba

28. Oh Saathi Reh

29. FILM 'TUM BIN' - 2001 Track Daroo Vich Pyar Miladeh Track Of The

Year @ Bollywood Oscars

30. FILM 'KOI MIL GAYA' - 2003 Track Its Magic Track Of The Year @

Bollywood Oscars

31. Cafe Mumbai - Album 2003 Apna Sangeet, Baby Don't Go, Habibi & Mitran Nu Margeyee

32. DESI ROCK - 2004 Collaboration With DJ-SWAMI - Worldwide Smash

33. BLOCK PARTY - 2005 Collaboration with DJ-SANJ

34. KAMREH MEH AAJA - 2005 Collaboration with DJ-SANJ

35. FILM 'DON'T STOP DREAMING' - 2006 Debut Film As A Actor Smash Hit Songs Like: Shake Ya Body, Desi Blues, Nachke Dikaa, Meh Nashe Meh Hoon

36. Mujpeh toh Jadoo - 2008 Film 'Race' a worldwide smash hit !!




40. HOR PILA DE – super hit from the Film ‘DIARY OF A BUTTERFLY’ (2012)

41. BALLE BALLE super hit from the Film ‘MR BHATTI ON CHOTTI’ TAZ staring alongside MR ANUPAM KHER & MR AMITABH BACHAN (2012)

42. ‘DESI & U KNOW IT’ the brand new album (TO DATE – JUNE 2012)





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