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Rock, Funk, Jazz/Funk



Location: LEXINGTON, Kentucky, United States



Ben first started to play guitar around age 7.  He had one "lesson" with a classical instructor. This instructor got mad when Ben told him that he was out of tune.  That was the end of Ben's formal education, he has been self-taught ever since.

Ben has played locally in his hometown of Lexington, Kentucky with many bands, ranging in styles from jazz/funk to dance to metal.  Around 2000, Ben became a solo act, but still ejoys a duet with Bob Bryant, bass extraordinaire.  The duo has had the honor of opening for Tower of Power twice in Kentucky.  Outside of Kentucky Ben has performed around North America and in Europe.

Ben has performed with musician greats such as Al Di Meola, Larry Coryell, George Duke, Joey DeFrancesco and Phil Keaggy.  He has shared the bill with Frank Gambale and Tommy Emmanuel.  He has played with Sting's guitarist, Dominic Miller, in London, England.  Ben did some session work with Scotty Anderson for a 9/11 tribute.    Ben has also played in tribute shows to Chet Atkins and Les Paul.  In July 2003, Ben had the honor of literally handing Les Paul his lifetime achievement award at Muriel Anderson's All Star Guitar Night at the historic Ryman auditorium.  Another particular honor has been meeting one of his guitar heroes, Steve Morse.
Ben's solo CD "One Track Mind"  was reviewed by Downbeat Magazine in March 2003.  "To mere mortals it might seem that there's a twosome going at it.  Lacy's impressive technique is built upon complex slapping, hammer-ons, and rhythmically devised chord progressions."  Ben was also called "a true multitasking machine" in the same article.

The February 2007 issue of Guitar Player Magazine named Ben as one of the Top 100 Unsung Guitar Heroes.
Ben has a 2-page article in 20th Century Guitar's August 2006 issue.  Following is an excerpt:
"About once a decade, a new guitar talent comes along that knocks this writer out.  It was like that when I first saw and heard Michael Hedges.  So musical, so unique.  Same with Stanley Jordan.  Four years ago, I met the newest killer guitarist at a California NAMM Show.  My first encounter with Ben Lacy was literally thrilling.  He was incorporating multiple techniques into a truly unique musical blend.  There were chords with bass lines.  There was the melody and horn lines.  All done simultaneously and above all, there was a rhythmic sense few have attained.  A constant groooooove that propelled the music.  And I was blown away when he added the drum solos..ON GUITAR STRINGS?  Ben Lacy has done what few guitarists have done in history.  Not just digest the styles of the past.  Ben has raised the bar a notch.  Maybe two."

Ben can be heard on "Pocket Deuce" with good friend Jay Roberts.  The CD is a combination of jazz and pop standards for two guitars.  Ben also performs "Hey Nineteen" on the CD "Maestros of Cool- a Tribute to Steely Dan" which is available for purchase on Amazon's MP3 store.

Ben endorses Elixir Strings, Brian Moore Guitars, Breedlove Guitars, Overton Amplifiers and Snap Jack Cables.

Ben can be found twice a year, every year, at the summer and winter NAMM shows.

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starting rate $200
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starting rate $250
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starting rate $200
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