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From heavy metal to fusion, Funk, soul, Pop, classic.



Location: KUNGÄLV, Sweden
Date of birth:June 10, 1963



Touring round the worldMagnus Rosen / TouringJanuary 1979 – Present (34 years 4 months)Sweden

world tours, golden records, Euro awards, Grammy nominations, charity tours, 6 solo albums with great reviews and albums recorded in heavy metal, rock, funk and pop / about 35 albums, Artist of the year 2006 Us Corp, Ambassador for all music and culture schools in Sweden 2007 / 2008, Save the Earth prize 2009, The culture prize 2010. Adlerbertska stipendium 2012.

It has also created possibilities for me to work together with the Swedish National Orchestra, the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, the Gavle Symphony Orchestra and the Solo Bass Ballet at the Opera house in Gothenburg. Also Dance and Bass performance with David Zambrano.
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With a great wish and joy my music life been very widely spread in many music styles. I have always used my own inclination as an inner compass. I’m self-taught and I’m working daily to improve my instrument skills. Curiosity is important in my life along with conception of different music styles and meetings with creative people that could make my inspiration flourish.

I have found that I have the possibility to use my instrument as a tool and that have affected me in my life.

Continue BelowThe tool is mainly used to work with Human Rights and Global Environment, as a world where music can live only can exist on an earth where people can live. As a board member of Music Against Violence our hope is to inspire people to make the earth a better place to live on, a place where our differentials is treated as multitudes and possibilities for development.

For me, music is an art and a meeting place with great space of emotions, different messages, entertainment, development and interest.
2011 my new solo album PAST FUTER will be released world wide. Solobass with symphony Orchestra
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Composer, bassplayerX-WORLD ABJune 1978 – Present (34 years 11 months)

1981 - 1982 Tours in Sweden and Norway / Kung Sune and the Bad Rock 1985 Shows in Sweden Von Rosen 1987 Shows in Spain / Von Rosen 1989 - 1991 Shows in USA / Midnight
1992 Shows in Sweden Billionaires Boy's club 
1992 Shows in Sweden / Lazy babes 
1993 Shows in Sweden / Lazy babes 
1994 Tours in France / Ten Times Worse / Greg Hansen 
1994 Tours in Sweden / The Spotnicks
1994 Shows in Sweden / Lazy babes 
1995 Shows in Sweden / Lazy babes 
1996 Shows in Sweden Keegan 
1997 Europe tour / Hammerfall 
1997 Europe tour nr 2 / Hammerfall 
1998 / 1999 Worldtour med Hammerfall 
1999 SoloBass Tour South America 
1999 SoloBass concerts in Sweden 
2000 shows in Sweden / Lazy babes 
2000 Shows in Sweden / SoloBass concerts 
2001 World tour med Hammerfall
2001 SoloBass Tour South America 
2001 SoloBass concerts in Sweden 
2002 Shows in Sweden / Solobass concerts 
2003 worldtour med Hammerfall 
2003 SoloBass tour USA 
2003 SoloBass concerts in Sweden 
2003 SoloBass on XXVIL International Jazz festival Prague 
2004 SoloBass tour South America 
2004 SoloBass tour Asia 
2004 SoloBass concerts in Sweden 
2004 SoloBass concerts in Germany 
2005 World tour med Hammerfall 
2005 SoloBass concerts in Germany 
2005 SoloBass concerts in Sweden 
2005 SoloBass concerts in England
Here below some countries that I performed Classical Shows and rock Concerts:

Rock & SoloBass tours:
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2006 SoloBass tour South America 
2006 SoloBass concerts in Sweden 
2007 European tour med Hammerfall 
2007 SoloBass tour Asia
2007 SoloBass concerts in Sweden 
2008 SoloBass concert Asia 
2008 SoloBass tour South America. 
2008 SoloBass concerts in Sweden 
2009 SoloBass 2 tours in China
2010 Solobass 2 tours in China, Japan, Svalbard, Sweden, Nepal.
2011 Solobass Sweden
2012 Solobass Sweden, England Rockmusic with Tony Martin & Headless Cross
2013 China tour, Sweden.

2014 Solobass tour Iraq

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