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 Oblee  Status updates

Going to give a video show a whirll tonight at 6pm Pacific, 9 East :D
Posted on Mon., Nov. 17, 2014 - 4:55 PM


Looking forward to it.

Mon., Nov. 17, 2014 - 4:59 PM

,That's great news, Oblee. Please create a Live Broadcast event by clicking on "All Live Broadcasts" at the left side of the site. You can then click on the green "Create new event" button to create the event.

Mon., Nov. 17, 2014 - 5:02 PM
I've been camera-less but... my new CD is out! and the release party is tonight in Durango, Colorado. Here's a writeup, with a nod to online performance :D
Posted on Fri., Jul. 18, 2014 - 6:03 PM

hasn't been around much but is finally done with my album!
Posted on Sun., Jun. 22, 2014 - 2:00 PM



Sun., Jun. 22, 2014 - 2:07 PM
About to hit the stream... 9 more minutes!
Posted on Fri., Feb. 28, 2014 - 8:51 PM

I'll be going on tonight at 8pm PST. I have some new stuff I'm going to try out on ya!

Posted on Mon., Feb. 24, 2014 - 3:23 PM

Going to go on stream at 6pm PST. My internet connection tells me it's going to behave!
Posted on Fri., Feb. 7, 2014 - 6:46 PM

Trying this again.... My stream is up.
Posted on Thu., Feb. 6, 2014 - 2:28 PM

My Friends ENGRAMA are on right now.. check them out!!!
Posted on Thu., Jan. 23, 2014 - 4:58 PM

Just about to get the stream up..
Posted on Wed., Jan. 22, 2014 - 9:55 PM

Going live at 9pm PST. In 15 minutes or so :D
Posted on Tue., Jan. 21, 2014 - 11:46 PM


I love your video Find You! I'm looking forward to catching your broadcast!

Wed., Jan. 22, 2014 - 2:34 PM

Thanks :D I'm shaping up to have a broadcast tonight at 7pm PST, just double checking before I put it in listings!

Wed., Jan. 22, 2014 - 3:24 PM

Oh I meant double checking that I had my times correct :D

Mon., Jan. 27, 2014 - 2:05 PM
Trying to find a good camera to use for online shows. My iSight just isn't cutting it.

Posted on Wed., Dec. 11, 2013 - 5:23 PM