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 Paul Da Vinci  Status updates

Here is promo footage of my new band and show. Booking from 2017.
Posted on Tue., May. 31, 2016 - 9:20 AM


Well done!!

Tue., May. 31, 2016 - 9:36 AM
My new website is Please have a look.
Posted on Wed., Oct. 1, 2014 - 3:45 PM

I've been really busy. Denmark was great,but i'm still waiting for the footage....Meanwhile. I've got a new website and some footage ect which I'm going to post on this great site later this week. I'm also going to put a selection of songs ,I've written and produced,(and sung some).I discovered a 13 year old singer named Lotte ,who I'm writing for and producing.She's like a little reincarnation of janis Joplin,looks and sounds like her.When I finish the first track I'll post it.
Posted on Tue., Sep. 30, 2014 - 10:42 PM

I am delighted to announce that I have just signed an exclusive agency agreement,with "Howie" Goldman's G-entertainments of Denmark for the whole of Scandinavia , and am doing my first show there on Sunday 27th July.
Posted on Tue., Jul. 1, 2014 - 11:38 AM


Cool..congrats Paul! :-)

Wed., Jul. 2, 2014 - 9:29 AM

Thanks Rob and Jurgen.i'm doing my first gig in Denmark for Howie on the 27th July,and I'm recording one of my songs with a Danish artist. We are filming the gig,so please watch this space.

Wed., Jul. 2, 2014 - 9:44 AM

Looking forward to it...good luck!

Thu., Jul. 3, 2014 - 12:19 AM
Please check out SIA.This girl is a total genius.The video for her new single "Chandeliers" features an amazing 11 year old dancer,who is unreal.
Posted on Mon., Jun. 30, 2014 - 8:44 AM