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R&B/Soul, Neo-Soul, Dance, Techno



Location: AMBLER, Pennsylvania, United States



The Bio of Patrice Hawthorne



Her voice is like a rare pearl that is hidden deeply in the ocean. It gradually lifts the vibe and spirit of those who are honored to hear her sing. However, her voice is not a gem that became precious overnight. Patrice Hawthorne, as a young girl in 1975, made her debut in a high school musical production titled, “Purlie”. Playing one of the lead role characters in the production, the audience fell deeply in love with her ability to bring out the meaningful essence of a love-struck young woman who follows Purlie.


From the performance stage of her high school productions to the community stage of Freedom Theater (a community theater group), Patrice Hawthorne began to create a credible name for what was to come. Her talented and credible ability to sing and act were substantial enough to land her gigs for Mayors and Governors, as well as television and radio appearances. It was not long before young Patrice began to see the results of her years of hard work and dedication. She travelled throughout the city of Philadelphia to appear on various shows such as, “Big Break” hosted by Natalie Cole and “Dancing on Air”, where she gracefully shared the stage with musical legend Stevie Wonder.


Miss Hawthorne moved on to accumulating a presence in the music industry, as she secured her role as the fourth Peaches of the dynamic duo “Peaches and Herb”. This opportunity allowed Miss Hawthorne to travel around the world performing many of their hit songs such as, Shake your groove thing, Reunited and I pledge my love. While on tour, Miss Hawthorne visited and performed in Mexico City, Korea, Jamaica, South Africa, West Indies and across the United States.


With her newfound celebrity status, Patrice Hawthorne appeared on several national television shows such as Jenny Jones, BET, NBC10 and VH1, where she performed with singing sensation Patti Labelle. Gaining exposure to such national and international audiences, Patrice Hawthorne was able to work with many great and notable musicians, producers and songwriters. This awarded her many opportunities, in which she was able to perform as a soloist, background vocals and collaborative duets.


Though she spent most of her career on stage thrilling the audience, off stage, Patrice earned principal acting roles in commercials, testimonials, videos, films and print jobs as a model. She continued her acting career, as she performed as the mother in the up-lifting musical “The Ghost of Marvin Gaye” and the Broadway production “GODSPELL”.


Patrice Hawthorne has earned her singing rights to be considered a rare pearl from the ocean. As a current member of the city of Ambler, PA, Miss Hawthorne is the bandleader in her own band, “Patrice and The Show”. They put on quite a show for the many invites that demanded their service, which included weddings, corporate parties and even being one of the seven chosen bands to perform in Argentina. Last, but certainly not least, she is a member of the First Ladies of Rock and Soul 14-piece band that performs music of the 60’s.


With all the marvelous things that she has done, and she has done a lot, Patrice Hawthorne, still insist in pushing her ability further. Miss Hawthorne is also open for voice over projects, acting roles, sound track, and of course singing opportunities.


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