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Flute, Soprano Sax, Tenor Sax, Clarinet, Alto Flute, Piccolo, Keyboards, Percussion, Arranger, Saxes
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Jazz, World, Jazz/Funk, Latin



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Date of birth:April 15, 1954




Even since his childhood Pierre Veniot has always been passionate about wind instruments: Shower hose, lead pipe, garden pump, and the most obvious ones: clarinet saxophones and flutes

Later on, he found an interest in many other instruments. Music is his passion, a necessity, this need for artists to be in contact with their medium, but mostly the need to always learn; because in music as well as in any other art form, nothing is ever totally mastered, he believes.

Pierre has studied in jazz at McGill University, concentrating on the saxophone. It is as a self-taught student that he delved in the classical repertoire (Bach, Debussy, Ravel), and above all, it is the school of life, which he favours. He tells us: "Music is an applied philosophy, we can translate our thoughts to soundscapes: it is a spiritual alchemy... Music steers us closer to ourselves, closer to our real being. Of course music is by and large an art form with its technique and its laws. Every self respecting musician must take them into account; but for a real musician, there is no wrong music.” 

The first group he joins, which performs professionally, is the baroque ensemble of music Bouquet de sons, composed of a harpsichordist and cello player Clode Hamelin. Together they will play over a hundred concerts. We could claim he has considerably participated to the musical movements of world music and jazz fusion. First with the group Agharta. Then with other musicians he establishes the group Anoosh which enjoyed a lot of success They performed on many stages including at Place des Arts. They toured the Montreal Maisons de la culture and then the ones across Canada. A European tour followed which brought them to France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and England. Recipient of the 1st prize of the “Rythmes du Monde” contest in 1990, they were in nomination for the Juno awards in the world beat category. They also participated to numerous jazz festivals and among those the fabled Montreal International Jazz Festival.

We cannot forget pointing out the fact that Pierre had a stint with the blues. He participated in many blues festivals with the “Blues Z band”. In terms of collaboration, we should mention he accompanied the percussionist Michel Séguin during a few years. Curious about everything that touches music, he participates at different levels on projects aside from the musical stage.

He made some sound track recordings for television, for example, with Clode Hamelin and Luc Boivin in 'Symphonie du nouveau Monde' produced by ART TV. He never shied away from associating with different stage performers.



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