Network Activities Features

Live Streaming

Free to Use - NMB Live will never charge you to live stream. Stream as often and as long as you like.

Generate Revenue With Tip Jar - You may add the optional Tip Jar feature to collect tips from viewers. Tips go directly to your Paypal account immediately while viewers can pay using credit cards or directly from their Paypal accounts. NMB Live receives only 19% of tip jar revenue - far less than competitor sites!

Generate Revenue With Pay Per View (PPV) - You may optionally sell tickets to your live webcasts. Ticket purchases are made with either credit cards or Paypal. Funds are transferred to your Paypal account 24 hrs. following your PPV event. NMB Live receives only 20% of PPV revenue - far less than competitor sites!

Generate Revenue With Pay Per View (PPV) on archived video (VOD) - You may optionally sell tickets to your archived webcasts. Ticket purchases are made with either credit cards or Paypal. Funds are transferred to your Paypal account immediately upon purchase. NMB Live receives 33% of PPV revenue!

Increase Sales With Shopping Channel Live - If it’s merchandise and/or services you would like to promote and sell, you may use our unique and powerful Shopping Channel Live with LiveRep application suite. It allows you to stream live product and/or service demonstrations to unlimited, live viewers. And viewers who are interested in making a purchase can speak to a live company representative in a one-to-one video conference right from the live streamed presentation. Includes integrated Buy buttons that link to the e-commerce of your choice.

Increase Sales With LiveRep™ - You can also simply use our LiveRep™ widget on your own website as a way for visitors to speak directly with a sales or customer service representative in a live, face-to-face video conference right from your website.

Easy to Use - Even first-time users find it easy to live stream on NMB Live. Simply log in to your account and press the Go Live Now button; allow access to your camera and microphone and you are instantly webcasting to a global audience. All you need is a laptop with a built-in camera and microphone and an internet connection. You can add on more equipment from there. Viewers simply visit your NMB Live URL to watch with just one click.

Ultimate Quality - Enjoy CD-quality audio (44.1khz) and up to full high-definition video (up to 1920 x 1080 px).

Interactive Chat - Viewers can interact with you and each other via the live chat. Viewers can hold private chats with one another and/or with the broadcaster(s).

Non-Members Can Watch, Chat and Tip - NBM Live does not require viewers to become members in order to watch your live broadcasts. They simply visit your NMB Live personalized URL and they are able to watch, chat, share and tip.

Multi-Member Live Events - Optionally, producer members can create live events involving multiple NMB Live members. The producer is able to switch between members, no matter where in the world they're broadcasting from, providing a seamless "Web TV" viewing experience for viewers.

Workshops - Educators can conduct virtual workshops with up to 25 live participants in a virtual classroom setting where teacher and participants can all hear and see one another. Complete with pay-per-view, educators set the price for their workshops.

Video Archiving - You can choose to have your live webcasts stored and available for future viewing within your profile's VIDEOS section.

Self-Promotion - Collecting friends and followers from within NMB Live's membership community means that you'll be able to promote your scheduled live events to them via direct-to-email notifications, complete with reminders. And of course you and your viewers will be able to share your live events on popular social media sites such as Facebook.

Embeddable Live Streaming - All of our live streaming applications are embeddable on your website(s).

Social Networking

Friend Request System - Allows each member to build their network of closer contacts.

News Feed Posting - Post your text messages, songs, photos, videos from YouTube or Vimeo, gear you use, discussion topics, store items, scheduled live webcasts and other events to the general news feed, to your own news feed, or to your friends news feeds. Tag other members in songs, videos and photos.

Social Features - Commenting, liking and sharing of posts, private messaging, syncing posts to Facebook and Twitter - everything you'd expect from a thriving social network.
Tune-Tagging - Link your song credits to each person that has an account on NMB Live and get a link back from their "Tunography" (see next).
Tunography - A list of all songs that each member has been credited on
Referrals - Invite friends to join NMB Live


Self Promotion

Member Profile Page - Members are entitled to create more than one profile for each of their professional abilities. Profiles act as your electronic press kit (EPK) and landing page for your live webcast events.

Multiple Membership Categories - Musicians, suppliers, talent buyers, media, associations and listeners can all have more than one profile type with over 80 profile types to choose from.

NuMuBu Live! - Allows you to stream live video and audio in high quality to a global audience.

News Feeds - The NMB Live general news feeds provide information on each member's latest activities to all friends in their network or to the entire NMB Live network.

Artist Thumbnail Ads - Display advertising for musicians who are full members.

Video Section - Links to your YouTube or Vimeo videos.

Photo Section - Thumbnails of your images expand into full images.

Info Section - Includes basic info, biography, press gallery, availability and web site links.

Events - Members can post and broadcast upcoming performances and events.

Revenue Generation

Live Streaming - You can optionally add a tip jar to your live webcasts. You can also optionally charge an admission price to view your live webcasts (see Live Streaming section above).

Song Downloads – Sell songs at a fixed price, at a buyer-defined price, free downloads or just demo without download. Use NMB Live coupons to help support the sale of your songs.

Networking - Find work of all kinds by networking with those who are interested in your talents.


Information & Research

Discussion Topics - Begin discussions on all music business matters including topics such as legal, self-promotion, song-writing, recording and more…

Search - Find members of all categories by country, state, city, music genre, instrument and Industry category.


Banner Advertising - NMB Live-generated advertising.

Direct Email Advertising - NMB Live-generated advertising.

Member of the Week - Also Top 10 artists and featured artist ads.

Radio - Add songs by other members to your own playlist of favourites.



Revenue Generating Tool - NMB Live is a powerful, targeted sales tool that will generate revenues for NMB Live artists, industry suppliers and talent buyers.

Marketing Tool - NMB Live gives artists and suppliers the power to market themselves to a wide audience consisting of consumers, peers and other industry professionals.

Finding Patrons - NMB Live offers musicians the option to sell their music to patrons at a price that is comfortable to them. It also gives them the chance to find direct sponsors for their artistry and can be used as a means of crowd-funding.

Access - NMB Live offers members access to other musicians and industry players.

Research - NMB Live members research what other members are doing by using powerful NMB Live search tools that take them exactly to where they want to go.

Community - NMB Live will work to engender a real sense of community within NMB Live. A range of tools and services are being offered to promote dialogue and exchange.

Comprehensive - NMB Live is the most comprehensive music business networking website on the Internet.

Easy to Use - Attractive and easy-to-use user interface.

Seamless - A seamless integration of all business tools.

Scalable - Highly scalable open architecture, for a site accessible to a greater volume of users.
Fun - NMB Live is fun.

THE Music Business Network - NMB Live is the only true business and social network dedicated to all artists, musicians, groups and music industry professionals from suppliers and talent buyers to larger corporate entities including labels, retailers, distributors and venues.